Trolleybus, Trolley Coach or Trackless Trolley

Trolleybus has so many names such as trolley coach, trackless trolley, trackless tram and trolley, which is a type of bus that uses electricity as a power source. The electricity is harvested from wires placed overhead. For the electrical circuit, this bus needs a couple of sires and poles. Many people are still confused about the differences between trolley bus and streetcar or tram because those two types of transportations use almost similar track.

Trolley Coach or Trackless Trolley 300x225 Trolleybus, Trolley Coach or Trackless Trolley


Streetcar or tram needs only one pole and wire, while the trolley bus needs two wires and poles. Trolley bus is not using a battery, so it relies only on the electricity it gets from the wires overhead. Today, about 315 systems of trolleybus are still used. About 45 countries still have this transportation system.

Trolleybus 300x213 Trolleybus, Trolley Coach or Trackless Trolley

model trolleybus

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