BusloversVeolia Transdev and IBM are collaborating to develop a smarter mobility solution designed to help cities alleviate road congestion, optimize transportation infrastructures and improve the urban traveler experience. The smarter mobility solution brings together Veolia Transdev’s expertise in the public transit industry and IBM’s expertise in managing big data and advanced analytics. Cities will now have the ability to coordinate and connect services across all of its transportation networks, including subways, trams, buses, vehicular and bicycle traffic, and more.

The first application of the smarter mobility solution is being piloted in the City of Lyon, France—the second largest metropolitan area in France outside of Paris—as part of the city’s project.

With the mobility solution, cities will be able to simplify the management of complicated public transit networks, reduce operational costs and take advantage of predictive operations management, which can help minimize service interruptions, among other benefits. The solution will also allow them to more efficiently use their existing transportation infrastructure while maximizing public transport ridership at the same time. The services provided with this solution open the way for a new model for urban mobility and transport.

The solution leverages IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) designed to give cities a holistic view of city operations—such as water, transportation and public safety—through one central point of command, facilitating faster and more efficient decision-making. Combined with Veolia Transdev’s technology dedicated to urban mobility, the new solution helps a city predict traffic road speed and arrival times and coordinate city responses across the transportation network across multiples modes of transportation within a city, such as buses and trams. These advanced solutions also take into account unplanned events, such as rain storms or traffic accidents, which may cause delays or disruption in service.

Travelers will have access to real-time information on traffic for a more seamless, multi-modal transportation experience—such as combining bicycle, vehicle and public transit. The service uses predictive analytics, which can help a traveler bypass a traffic jam, and provide details about the location and interconnections of the transportation options. Integrated transit information, such as the ability to scan ticket barcodes and the ability to simply plan and travel across different public and private transport networks, will be provided through an app for smartphones and tablets. This will help travelers save time and money and enhances the overall traveler experience.

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