VOLVO Genesis Classic HD Bus

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Buslovers VOLVO bus specificationGenesis Classic HD ranging from brakes, gearbox, engine, saloon volvo buses
Mileage : 605300 km
Seats : 55
Net weight : 17998 kg
Location : Italy, Spilamberto (MO)
Date enlisted : Jan 17, 2012
Autoline ID : LN2054
Overall dimensions : length – 12 m.
Engine : Volvo, power – 382 HP(281 kW), euro – 3.
Gearbox : automatic, gears – 8.
Axles : axles – 2, suspension – air/air.
Salon : DVD, emergency exit, windows, individual lighting, individual air cooling.
Cabine : heater, air conditioner, navigation, radio: CD, refrigerator, cruise control (tempomat).
Brakes : ABS, retarder.
Registration number – IT452
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buses volvo,buses volvo genesis, buses volvo saleSudah adakah bus volvo ini di indonesia kawan kalo ada saya di kasih tahu ya kawan, bisa meninggalkan koment di bawah ini serta bisa memberikan informasi mengenai buses volvo ini :)
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